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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  October 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the nationals didn't win last night but still clinched the division. much more later. >> it's thrilling. no one's talking about the loss. everyone's talking about clinching the title. awesome. >> it's going to be a good baseball season, thankfully. >> that's right. right now at 6:00, we're watching rain moving our way as well.
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the start of what could be a wet, messy day. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein now has the forecast. what are you talking about here? >> as we look at a wider view of storm team 4 radar. the rain is not just local. it extends all the way down into the carolinas and farther south of there. all the way down to florida. an area of low pressure coming through. right now these areas of orange raining pretty hard in loudoun county all across the county. into potomac and montgomery county, moderate showers throughout much of frederick county, eastern panhandle of west virginia, and moving into eastern washington county. this whole area of moderate to heavier rain passing just west of washington. that's going to be moving away from the metro area over the next half hour. in addition, it's a milder morning. we've got temperatures in the low to mid-60s all around most of the region. hour by hour today, by 7:00 a.m., still in the low 60s with a few of the passing lighter showers. maybe a few more showers around noontime.
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thunder and lightning too as well as middle of the afternoon and late afternoon. highs reaching upper 70s by midafternoon. sunrise 7:05. sunset 6:49. could get a few more showers tonight. we'll take a look at the evening planner as well as the latest hometown forecast in ten minutes. and now a look at first 4 traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. couple of problems to look out for. let's start with metro taking the red line. the track line outside willie park metro station. this is between dupont circle and van ness. please be aware of that on the red line. over to the roads, northbound 28 in virginia taking the ramp to eastbound 66, left lane still blocked by the crash there. university boulevard in maryland, the earlier disabled vehicle was blocking the right lane. now just blocking the right shoulder lane. starting to see delays outer loop at new hampshire avenue. here's a live look. your delays actually start at i-95. you're slow. no accidents, though. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella.
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nats fans, the wait is finally over. the washington nationals are national league east champions. >> the nationals are eastern division champions. the pirates just beat the braves 2-1. you can celebrate now. >> yes, you can celebrate now. nats fans and players found out during the ninth inning of the nationals-phillies game. phillies won that game 2-0, but that did not dampen the celebration here at nationals park, and that went on long into the night. >> you can't even imagine it, to be honest with you. as much as you see it on tv, there's nothing like being soaked and freezing and smelling like beer and champagne. no better feeling in the world. >> it was a loss, but in our book, we won. we're excited. we're division champs. we worked so hard for this. right now we're just trying to enjoy it. >> this the first time in 79 years a baseball team from washington has clinched the title.
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a lot of nats players have wa waited years to watch the playoffs. but there's some who have waited their whole lives. they were celebrating something that a lot of fans frankly thought they would never see. >> we've waited a long time for this, and now we're number one. number one. >> i was at the last senator game, september 30th, 1971. i was in the third grade. i never thought i would ever see championship and d.c. baseball in the same sentence. this is absolely amazing. >> and a lot of people still feeling that way this morning. our megan mcgrath is out surveying those who are still nats happy. we'll have that a little later this morning. from the pennant race to the presidential race, president obama and mitt romney will keep low profiles as they prepare for their first debate. romney held this rally in denver where that debate will take place monday night. the republican presidential nominee told his supporters that
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creating jobs will be his administration's top priority. president obama did not make any campaign stops. he's preparing for tomorrow night's debate in nevada. they've got a three-step plan to avoid a fiscal cliff in january. that cliff, $1 trillion in automatic spending cuts hits on january 1st. the plan includes reducing the deficit by about $4 trillion over ten years. an overhaul of the tax code and changes to medicare and social security. several tax cuts could also end if the cliff is not avoided, meaning about $3,500 more in taxes for the average household. american university is warning students to be on alert after a string of incidents where a man has groped students near campus. there have been four reported incidents in the last week. the most recent one happened sunday night on massachusetts avenue. police say the suspect comes up from behind, grabs girls inappropriately, and then runs away. >> i normally feel really safe around here. i'm not in the city or anything.
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that's a little bit terrifying. >> something's got to be done. i mean, it's definitely uncalled for and not okay. >> au sent an e-mail to students to alert them about the attacks. the university is asking the students to walk in groups and only in well-lit areas. >> 6:06 right now. today marks the tenth anniversary of the sniper killing spree. the first attack happened in a parking lot in wheaton, maryland. in all, ten people were killed, three others were wounded in a three-week stretch that terrified the d.c. region. police eventually arrested john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo for the shootings. they were both convicted. muhammad was executed in 2009. malvo, who was 17 at the time, is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole in virginia. the penn quarter neighborhood in northwest washington is remembering a prominent local professor killed in a freak accident. police say rhett leverett was killed yesterday morning when a car jumped the curb when he was walking his dog.
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investigators say the driver of the car had a medical emergency and lost control of the wheel. leverett was a professor at marymount university and a fixture in the penn quarter neighborhood. >> the mayor of penn quarter is what i would jokingly call him. he'd be in his rounds checking on things, checking on other residents, and checking on the building. >> he was just a mainstay of lafayette, where we live. he's going to be really, really missed. >> leverett's dog beth was not hurt in the accident. she is now being cared for by a neighbor. >> 6:07 is the time. a veteran police officer caught on tape punching a woman in the face. this morning his explanation and who police are looking for. a wet start to the day.
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welcome back. home and furniture store ikea is under fire for air brushing women out of photos in catalogs. the catalog largely looks the same, but there appears to be one exception. in the saudi arabian version, almost all women have been erased. ikea says it regrets the catalog. on your tuesday morning, we've got thick clouds out there and rain traveling through parts of the area. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones and time to grab an umbrella. we do have passing showers. raining pretty hard in loudoun, montgomery, frederick counties heading farther to the north. frederick county, virginia, it's tapered off there. and farther south across the rest of northern virginia, just a few scattered, lighter sprinkles from manassas down to fredericksburg and farther
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south. hometown forecast, falls church, by 7:30 the low 60s. still a few passing light showers. by the lunch hour, maybe a little thunder and lightning with the showers and near 70. that's going to be the story for the whole region today. hour by hour, passing showers. highs reaching upper 70s in the afternoon. maybe thunder and lightning. probably no severe storms as we get into the latter part of the afternoon. now danella has a look at our traffic. how the rain's affecting things. good morning. >> good morning. right now following breaking news on the rails. we do have accidents in the area. metro, track problem outside woodley park metro station causing metro to single track along the red line. expect delays there. over to the roadway, 66 eastbound seeing the rain coming down, accident blocking your left shoulder lane. fire department is on the scene. also along the right shoulder lane, you can see here looks like a tractor-trailer is involved in that accident. checking travel speeds from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, you are under speed. it will take you at least 15 minutes to make that trip eastbound. 6:12. 64 degrees.
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ahead, check your pantry. a major recall is getting even bigger.
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police in philadelphia looking for witnesses as they investigate an accident involving one of their own. a woman allegedly punched by a police lieutenant. this happened over the weekend at the puerto rican celebration. ida guzman was in a crowd when someone threw water on the police officers. the next thing she knew, she was hit, and you see her there on the ground. >> i feel angry. really angry. you know, i go to someplace, got good time, look at what happened for no reason. >> guzman was cited for disorderly conduct. the officer involved in that incident now on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation.
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we're on top of the developing story out of china. six people have been arrested in hong kong after a ferry collided with another boat. the accident last night killed at least 37 people and injured more than 100 others. at least five of the people killed in children. the boat was packed with people on their way to watch a fireworks display in celebration of the china's national day and mid-autumn festival. it's not clear who's been arrested or what led to the accident. we're also following a developing story out of canada where firefighters have finally gained control of a massive fire at a racing fuel plant in winnipeg. the fire triggered several explosions and fireballs since it started last evening. police evacuated more than 100 nearby homes. they're finally letting those residents return. no one was hurt. a former butler for pope benedict accused of leaking secret documents will take the stand for the if ifirst time to. paolo gabrieli is accused of
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stealing documents from inside the vatican and giving them to a journalist. prosecutors say he's confessed, saying he did it to expose corruption within the vatican. he faces up to four years in prison if he's convicted. a peanut butter recall at trader joe's is expanding this morning. sunland incorporated makes peanut butter for several retailers. they're also including cashew butter, tahini and other products. salmonella has been found in 19 states, including virginia. two people from our area are among the two dozen winners of this year's genius grants awarded by the macarthur foundation. david finankel, a journalist fr the washington post, and a writer from the district will receive a $500,000 grant. the awards with paid out over five years and allow recipients to pursue their creative vision. this year's winners work in fields from medicine to science,
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art, and journalism. recipients don't often know they've been nominated until they find out they are winners. one of the winners of the award almost missed the chance to accept. mann m mandolin player chris thiel repeatedly ignored calls from the macarthur foundation. he thought they were election year robocalls. he finally researched the number online and found they were the macarthur foundation. the debate over gay marriage continues in the baltimore ravens locker room. for the second time this season, a ravens player is going public with his opinion. center matt burke wrote an op ed for his paper the minneapolis "star-tribune," wrote an opinion. burke, who is a harvard grad wrote, "i hope that in voicing
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my beliefs i encourage people on both sides to use reason and charity as they enter this debate." ravens coach john harbaugh says he encourages the debate as long as it is respectful. we've been talking about baseball and football, and now training camp begins for the wizards today. one of the team's biggest stars won't be on the court for several years. point guard john wall will miss all of camp and the start of the regular season because of a left knee injury. wall says he hopes to return sooner than expected. the wizards first preseason game is sunday against the charlotte bob bobcats. the first regular season game is october 30th against the cleveland cavaliers. landmarks around the world and here in washington are showing their support for the fight against breast cancer. the white house is pink. pink lights will remain on throughout october. in this month's official proclamation to kick off breast cancer awareness month, president obama urges regular screenings, including ma'am mm s mammograms. a cloudy, rainy tuesday
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morning for a lot of folks. >> meteorologist tom kierein here with more on the forecast. going to see a lot of rain today, tom? >> they certainly are in loudoun county and montgomery county where the rain is coming down pretty hard, all coming from a stalled front with a weak area of low pressure, that's going to be rolling along the front. raining pretty hard in the carolinas and just near charlottesville and south near richmond, that secondary coming toward the district. right now all these areas of yellow and orange, moderate to heavy rains, now exiting loudoun county from near leesburg and across the potomac. raining pretty hard in montgomery county from near potomac and up to poolesville. across the frederick county line into easrn frederick county, maryland, and into howard county. temperatures are mild. low to mid-60s through the metro area, 50s to our west. and storm team 4 four-day forecast, occasional showers, have an umbrella handy, thunder and lightning. this ending before midnight. by dawn, tomorrow near 70. a wm and humid day.
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partly sunny, low to mid-80s. thursday and friday, delightful weather. over the weekend, cooler. might get showers saturday night into sunday morning. i'm back in ten minutes. i'll be back on the storm team 4 weather deck. danella with a look at traffic. >> good morning. several problems still in the area. metro single tracking on the red line due to a track problem at woodley station. you can expect delays. some good news if you're traveling 28 northbound. the exit ramp to eastbound 66. that crash blocks the shoulder lane. eastbound 66 at nutley, still seeing accident activity in your left lane. and you are sluggish in this ar area. tom was mentioning the rain. now you're seeing delays on i-270 from frederick to germantown. solid delays and wet roadways. as you make your way to rockville, you're underspeed. police exercise patience. >> 6:22 now. ahead, the change to parking in the district. also, troubling news about teens and sleep and some of the surprising things that could be surprising things that could be keeping e.
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the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class.
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welcome back. you've probably heard of throwing rice at a wedding, but there were bullets flying at one russian wedding. they started firing shots in the air. what kind of wedding is this? witnesses say they were shooting at anyone who tried to pass their procession. police say that was not the case. officers still arrested 15 people. what if the bullets hit someone? >> you can't do that. we are learning more about what might make it harder for teens to get the right amount of sleep. a new study in canada looked at more than 4,000 ninth grade students and found that kids who reported sleep disturbances, often consumed soda, fried food, and sweets. those with poor sleep routines often had less physical activity during their day. it can increase health risk for things like high cholesterol,
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high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. 6:26. 64 degrees. not once, but twice what happened on two american airlines flights that is getting the attention of federal investigators.
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passenger seats row 12 came loose on the floor. >> midair scare. what's being done in response to two odd incidents on board american airlines flights. and nationals pride. playoff baseball is back in d.c. the team doing something you haven't seen unless you've been around a long, long time, my
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friends. good morning. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. the roads are slick. we've been seeing crashes popping up all morning. >> we'll check the commute for you all morning. first meteorologist tom kierein is on the storm team 4 weather deck to look at your weather conditions right now. tom? it is fender bender weather and also umbrella weather. we've got sprinkles here at northwest. it is raining pretty hard in western and northern suburbs now. as we take a look at storm team 4 radar. it's a long area of rain that stretches from pennsylvania all the way down to florida. it's advancing south to north. the areas you see in the red, montgomery county, raining really hard from near potomac and across 270 toward gaithersburg. that's heading off to the northeast toward laytonsville and damascus. farther north getting showers to howard county and carroll county, and that's pulling off to the north. still on the cool side, low to mid-60s in the metro area.
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in the 50s farther west and north. hour by hour today, occasional showers. you'll be glad you had an umbrella. still cool by 8:00 a.m., low to mid-60s. 70s noontime. maybe thunder and lightning mid to late afternoon. i'm back with another look at storm team 4 radar in ten minutes and the hometown forecast. danella has another look at our traffic. good morning. >> good morning. it's a slow commute on the roads and on the rails. still seeing delays on the red line because of single tracking due to a track problem at woodley park metro station. expect delays. let's talk about delays on the road. i-95 heading northbound at prince william parkway, you're jammed. not seeing accidents on i-95 in virginia, but just sluggish. again sluggish in the lorton area. your travel speed from quantico, at least 35 minutes to make the trip to the beltway. when i return, i'm going to talk about i-270 southbound. you are slow. i have report of a disabled vehicle at west montgomery avenue. i'll give you a live look when i
6:33 am
return. eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. 6:32 now. american airlines is already dealing with cancelled flights and unhappy pilots. now the faa is investigating after dangerous seat trouble in a fight. >> the passenger seats row 12, d, "ferris bueller's day of d, e, and f came loose. >> in both cases the flights had to be diverted to new york's jfk airport. the airline says it could be a defect in a certain model of seats. but passengers say this issue on'on top of plummeting on time arrival numbers is unacceptable. >> if they don't fly, i don't have a status on another airline. it's a big issue for me. >> shakes my confidence as a passenger that i'm going to be able to get to my destination on time. >> american blames the issues on a feud with union pilots who say they are writing up trivial maintenance issues. the pilots say the nation's
6:34 am
third largest carrier needs new planes. a challenge to full body scanners and enhanced pat downs will not be heard by the supreme court. the judges turned away the case in their first session. a michigan man wanted to keep the tsa from using the body scanners or more invasive pat downs. federal courts in florida and d.c. dismissed the case waibefo it reached the nation's highest court. a decision whether to overhaul handicapped parking in the city. council member mary shay will reinstate the red top meter program halted earlier this year. right now any driver with disabled tags can park for free at any meter much the red top program would mean disabled drivers would have to pay for parking, but there would be designated spots reserved for them. it's meant to cut down on abuse of disabled parking privileges. the d.c. council will look at traffic fines this week in the hopes of making them a lesser burden on your wallet.
6:35 am
councilwoman mary chay will look at lowering the $150 fine most first time offenders see. they've gone up as much as 400% in the last four years. that leaves many complaining the fines are there simply to raise revenue and not encourage safer driving. a protest outside the prince william county administration building in upper marlboro. voters will decide whether to approve a bill to put a casino in prince george's county. this could be the last chance to expand gambling in maryland for at least seven years. governor o'malley says he won't take up the issue of expanded gambling again during his tenure. o'malley is showing off political muscle literally in a challenge to virginia governor bob mcdonnell. the maryland governor invited mcdonnell to a debate and other competition on wtop. >> we can have a discussion about how we can work together to create jobs and opportunity
6:36 am
now, and it can be followed immediately by a push-up contest. >> a mcdonnell spokesperson called the offer nice but rejected the governor's challenge. saying, "we already kind of have our own gubernatorial version of a push-up contest. it's called state unemployment rates. spoiler alert, virginia wins." virginia is at 5.9%, and maryland is at 7%. a teenager is behind bars after a violent robbery in riverdale. take a look at surveillance video rolling as a man approached a group on friday. they asked him for a cigarette, then punched him in the face. you saw in the video there the victim fell to the ground. he dropped his cell phone and his wallet at that point. he then got up and ran while the group took his belongings. this morning the search continues for two other suspects involved in that hold-up. prince george's county launched its 311 call center that works similar to 911, except the only for nonemergency
6:37 am
calls. the 311 call center handles minor services, including trash pick-ups and pot holes. it's open monday through friday from 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. it's 6:37. in five minutes, a virginia man's political display his neighbors are calling racist. plus inside the locker room, a look at the celebration decades in the making.
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down! right now! no, go! down! >> i'm about to get out of my chair and leave.
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we know who the boss is in this household. a black bear met his match when he wandered onto this family's property and tried to walk up on the deck. the homeowner apparently has this run-in fairly often. there are six other videos posted on youtube with the bear trying to enjoy the backyard there, and the woman chasing -- chasing doesn't seem like the right word. there needs to be something more extreme. she wanted him gone. scientists say black bears are making more comments with humans because the drought has cut off their food sources. >> down! go! down! >> she doesn't even have anything in her hand. she's just yelling at the bear, chastising him. >> took off. >> talking him down. she needs to come to my house. >> you have a bear problem? >> no. something else, you know. >> three kid problem. i get it. 6:41 is our time right now. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with more on the rainy day forecast. hi, tom. the first faint light of morning showing up on this gray tuesday morning. we've got passing showers. time for your weather and traffic on the ones at 6:41.
6:42 am
getting some moderate downpours in montgomery county where you see the oranges and the yellows. and the areas in the green. so it's lighter rain across the rest of northern virginia. a few pockets of moderate showers across fredericksburg. those are advancing north heading toward the metro area. germantown in northern montgomery county, by 8:30 a.m. going to be near 60 and passing showers. by noontime, maybe a few more showers. germantown having the big oktoberfest this saturday. always draws thousands. a lot of fun for the whole family. by midafternoon, we'll be climbing into the upper 70s hour by hour today. you'll need an umbrella and thunder and lightning too that may linger from midafternoon through the early part of the evening. any rain around those should be ending by 10:00 this evening. i'll have a look at the rest of the week and the weekend for the outdoor activities. that's coming up in ten minutes. your first 4 traffic on tuesday morning with danella. good morning. >> still thinking about the bear
6:43 am
lady. if only you could yell at traffic that way. no, i don't want it! over to the rails, still seeing the single tracking on the red line because of a problem at the woodley park metro station. over to the roads. if you're traveling i-270 southbound at west montgomery avenue, have a report of a disabled vehicle possibly in the local lanes. just yell it out of the roadway because look at your delays from germantown. just a slow trip. wet roadways and all. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. 6:43 is our time right now. as the presidential election enters the homestretch, there are strong attacks coming from both sides, and now some residents in roanoke, virginia, say one display goes too far. a man named curtis caldwell has put up a statue of sorts on his front lawn. it is a monkey wearing a mask of the president. now, next to the monkey is a sign that says no bama and a confederate flag. neighbors say it's racist. caldwell says all he's trying to say is another four years of president obama would be, quote, bad for the country.
6:44 am
>> not trying to say that obama is an ape or nothing. if i had a kangaroo, i'd have put a kangaroo up there. i bought the monkey. i bought that long ago in florida. i think we need to get him out of office. that's the primary thing i'm trying to say, get this man out of office. >> caldwell says he used a skeleton to mock the president in another display he had up four years ago, but the skeleton fell apart. so he decided to use the monkey instead. >> president obama and mitt romney will spend today preparing for the first debate. the candidates will kwsquare of monday night at university of denver. former quarterback john elway introduced the republican presidential nominee at a rally last night. romney told the crowd creating jobs would be his administration's number one priority. president obama is preparing for tomorrow's debate in nevada. he has not made any campaign appearances since sunday. a pennsylvania judge is expected to issue a ruling today that could have a huge impact on who wins that the battle ground
6:45 am
state next month. they'll decide whether to keep that state's voter i.d. law intact. democrats argue it would keep minor the ities in the november election. republicans say it would cut down on voter fraud. today marks the tenth anniversary of the beltway sniper killing spree. the first attack happened in a parking lot in wheaton, maryland. in all ten people were killed, three others wounded, in a three-week stretch that terrified the d.c. region. police eventually arrested john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo for the shootings. they were later convicted. muhammad was executed in 2009. malvo, who was 17 at the time of the shootings, is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. students at american university are being told to walk in groups and only in well lit areas after a string of incidents where students say they were groped by a man near campus. the latest incident happened sunday night on massachusetts avenue. police say the suspect comes up from behind, grabs girls inappropriately, and runs away.
6:46 am
>> she base dically said that a hooded guy ran by her, and she didn't hear him when he was coming up, and she turned aro d around, and the guy was gone. >> there have been four groping incidents reported in the past week. a virginia man accused of killing a school superintendent is fighting extradition. officials say anthony taglianetti refused to waive his right to an extradition hearing. taglianetti was arrested by u.s. marshals on friday. he's accused of killing clymer new york superintendent keith reed jr. back on september 1st. he's charged with second degree murder. police say a medical emergency is to blame for a freak accident that killed a local professor. rhett leverett was killed when a car jumped the curb and hit him when he was walking his dog yesterday morning. leverett was a professor at marymount university and a fixture in the penn quarter neighborhood northwest. >> he was such a warm and can willing part of this community, and his loss will be felt for a
6:47 am
very long time. >> leverett's dog beth was not hurt in the accident. she is now being cared for by a neighbor. a woman is asking metro to install guard rails on the platforms after her motorized scooter malfunctions. karen jones says her scooter started spinning in circles at the eastern market station back in july, and nobody could stop it. the scooter eventually threw her onto the tracks. >> i was hollering. i was like, somebody help me please but couldn't nobody catch the chair. when the chair stopped, bam, it threw me over in the tracks. >> in a statement, metro tells us safety is its number one priority, but it says guard rails would block access to get on the trains at the platforms and could be a safety hazard by causing people to trip. senate leaders say they are preparing a three-step plan to avoid a quickly approaching fiscal cliff in january. here's a live look at the capital this morning. that cliff, $1 trillion in automatic spending cuts hits
6:48 am
january 1st. the plan includes reducing the deficit about $4 trillion over ten years. an overhaul of the tax code, and changes to medicare and social security. several tax cuts could also end if the cliff isn't avoided. meaning about $3,500 more in taxes for the average household. 6:48 now. fiscal cliff or not, people are not plai planning to open their wallets this holiday season. seema mody, good morning. americans may decide to spend money this holiday season, but they may not shop until they drop. a national retail association forecasts sales will rise 4.1% this year. that's more than a percentage point lower than the past two years, and would be the slowest growth since 2009, when sales rose just .3%. the nrf says consumers are feeling better about rising home prices, but that's offset by'droiby'dr
6:49 am
lower job growth and higher gas prices. google that's come a long way. it's now passed microsoft to become the world's second most valuable tech company just behind apple. it's now the dominant force in online advertising with two-thirds of the search market. google's android software powering 64% of all smartphones as well. back to you. >> see ma mody, thank you. virginia is teaming up with a well-known gecko to save lives and cash. geico is sponsoring safe phone zones at highway rest stops in the commonwealth. the program urges drivers to pull over at rest stops to use their cell phones instead of being distracted on the road. geico is paying to keep the rest areas open. virginia is the first state to have its rest stops sponsored. >> got to hope people take advantage of that since they're going to be there open and available. >> 6:50 on this tuesday morning.
6:50 am
we've been dealing with a lot of clouds. a little warmer than it was yesterday. tom is here with -- what you got there? >> they did it. unbelievable. if you heard your neighbors yelling and screaming last night, this is probably the reason. this t-shirt. i don't know how they do this, but it says washington nationals, 2012 national league east division champions. fantastic. absolutely amazing that it happened. and the rain was threatening the game a bit last evening. and the color is looking beautiful around parts of our region. look at this photo sent in by the folks at the savage river lodge out in garrett county. they've got beautiful autumn color out there now. the color is going to get better and better locally too. between now and then, we've got rain. looking at the storm team 4 radar. we've got a conveyor belt of rain that stretches from pennsylvania through our region all the way down to florida, and it is advancing south to north. these pockets of yellow and orange, where it's raining a little harder near fredericksburg and along 95
6:51 am
between fredericksburg and the beltway. then farther north, heavy downpours right now from looks like near laytonsville and then right over toward ashton, and then over across the pawtuxen river line. farther west where there had been moderate to heavy rains, about .75 inch that fell. just lighter rain around the rest of northern virginia, but more on the way as the day progresses. a mild morning. mid-60s in washington. nearby suburbs in the low 60s. 50s out in the shenandoah valley and the mountains. have an umbrella handy. by 8:00, passing showers and temperatures in the low to mid-60s by noontime for lunch hour. may be dodging showers. by then, the low and mid-70s. hitting upper 70s. heading back home from work and school, might have thunder and lightning accompanying those showers. temperatures in the 70s. maybe some of the lingering thunder and lightning into this evening and ending before midnight. tomorrow warm and humid. partly sunny, mid-80s.
6:52 am
delightful thursday and friday. low humidity. highs near 80 over the weekend. cooler. might get a passing shower saturday night into sunday morning. otherwise, weekend looks great. danella, good morning. how's traffic? still checking on the rails and seeing delays on the red line because of a track problem at woodley park metro station. you're seeing single tracking between van ness and dupont circle. over to the roadways, slow trip for you as you make your way 295 northbound slow from oxon hill. delays continue as you head northbound. stop and go as you head to the 11th street bridge. over to 395, let's take a live look as you make your way northbound at edsall. you can see volume here. it is sluggish to the 14th street bridge. about 31 miles per hour. that drive will take you 21 minutes. 66 eastbound at nutley. still seeing the accident activity in the left shoulder lane. you are sluggish as you head eastbound from fairfax county parkway as you head to the beltway. that drive is going to take you at least 30 minutes. eun, over to you.
6:53 am
the nationals are eastern division champions. the pirates just beat the braves 2-1. you can celebrate thousand. >> we are celebrating. the nationals season will continue well into october. they clinch the n.l. east last night when the braves lost. and despite losing 2-0 to the phillies last night. this may be the biggest celebration you'll ever see after a loss. >> you've been dreaming about this, i'm sure, for years. is it like you imagined it to be? >> absolutely. what better team to enjoy this with. we've got a great group of guys. i love everybody on this team. davie's done a great job all year. for the first time, this is pretty unbelievable. to give us this town, this city, this team, it's speechless. >> so awesome. the nats are tied with the cincinnati reds for the best record in the national league. and some of the nats are showing their appreciation to their fans for their support throughout the season. >> they love their fans, boy. bryce harper, who you just heard from, tweeted a thank you to
6:54 am
nats nation. he wrote, "i want to thank this city of d.c. and all the fans for the support you guys have showed us all year. nl east title but not done yet #nats." megan mcgrath is hanging out with nationals fans in bethesda this morning. hey, megan. >> hey, good morning. we're here at the tasty diner, which is a local landmark here in bethesda that opened in the 1930s. the 1930s was the last time a washington baseball team actually took a title. big news as you would imagine. look at this headline. nats clinch it. we've been talking to fans this morning. needless to say, they're very excited. >> i'm just excite. i'm excited because we have not had a baseball team do well in this area for many, many years, probably since the senators were in, way before my time. i'm looking forward to it. i'm really excited. >> i think they'll do pretty good. i'm hoping they go all the way. we haven't had a champion in a long time.
6:55 am
>> got to bring something back to d.c. we need it. >> and just how do you think they're going to fare? they made it in. how far will they go? >> i got confidence in them. i think they'll go all the way. >> reporter: and so a lot of fans are hoping to get some tickets although they are very difficult to find. if you haven't already scored tickets, you know a lot of them are sold out. there is an opportunity. day of game standing room seats only, a limited number, will be made available. so you still have a chance. reporting live in bethesda, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you, megan. the last time d.c. had a division winning baseball team was 1933. the washington senators did it 79 years ago. here's a little perspective about how long that really is. in 1933, then president fdr held his first fireside chat. mt. rushmore was dedicated. king kong, non-cgi version of that, of course, premiered in that year.
6:56 am
news 4's angie goff is at the live desk with breaking news. angie, good morning. >> good morning, eun. the breaking news, as it comes to us about 45 miles southeast of buffalo. that's where several fire departments are on the scene battling a massive building fire. we have video of this. emergency crews at the scene right now at the heavily damaged building that houses the town and village offices as well as some restaurants. we hear it's going to be a total loss. reporting from the live news desk, angie goff. >> that is "news 4 today." >> that[ male announcer ]" for the dreamers...
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